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Luz Dary Acevedo
Global Health Program Coordinator
Luz Dary is a wildlife veterinarian and zootechnician, with master in wildlife management and conservation, and currently finishing Epidemiology speciality. Her professional emphasis has been in wildlife protection and management from a One health perspective, in particular in protected areas. She worked for several years on this topic, at National Parks System in Colombia. She is currently supporting the design of new conservation programs of threatened species as part of an agreement between WCS and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Also she is supporting the statement of new protected areas, under an agreement between WCS and the National Parks System of Colombia.
Amilvia Acosta Castañeda
Associated researcher
Amilvia is biologist of the University of Caldas. In 2009 she joined as a thesis student at the WCS Colombia Program and since 2010 to the present is joined as an associated researcher, conducting research projects in ecology of primates, mainly with Variegated-spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus) and White-footed tamarin (Saguinus leucopus). She loves to perform this type of projects, because they contribute essential information to set priorities in the development of management and conservation plans that guarantee the permanence of these endangered species.

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