WCS Colombia

Health and Disease at the Wildlife/Domestic Animal/Human/Environment Interface

Due to the high levels of transformation in the landscape, the elevated human population and the large number of livestock, the possibility of disease transmission between humans, livestock and wildlife is a prevalent threat. WCS Colombia has gradually expanded its activities on wildlife health issues, based on the success of the Avian Influenza Monitoring and Surveillance Program it helped to establish for the country.

Health assessments are already an integral part of conservation programs on amphibians and primates, and with support from the Global Health Program it is likely that research on wildlife health will permeate most of the programs and projects on focal species. The next step is to initiate programs and projects focused on the prevention of disease transmission in the human – livestock – wildlife interface.



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Key Staff

Luz Dary Acevedo
Global Health Program Coordinator
Padu Franco
Colombia Country Director
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