Posted on July 09, 2015 10:36

NGO Yoluka, one of the ten organizations, led the planting of 200 Moriche palms. This happened in the Natural Reserve La Pedregoza and the estate named “El Bolsillo”.

Among the families benefiting from this activity was the one of Freddy Brito. He actively participated in the event together with his wife and son. In “El Bolsillo” Moriche palms were planted in an arm of the Bita river, and precisely this arm provides water to the Brito family. Before planting, this arm of the river only had one mature Moriche palm and water scarcity began to manifest itself.

Keep in mind that the Moriche palm is recognized as an excellent water purifier, and an important part of the landscape of the Llanos Orientales

Unfortunately, increasing changes in the use of land have led to population declines.

With crops like this it is intended that many families in the region improve their quality of life, and that this iconic species has a greater chance of survival. 

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