Ateles Hybridus

Ateles hybridus is considered Critical endangered (IUCN 2008). The main threats to this species are the continuous conversion of forest ecosystems into agricultural lands and hunting for subsistence (Defler 2003, 2004). In addition, this species is poorly represented within protected areas; only two small sub-populations are protected by a national protected area. Other remnant sub-populations occur in a series of rather small fragments immersed in a matrix of grassland. In order to advance in the conservation of these sub-populations, basic knowledge on the status, biology and ecology of species is required. Unfortunately, this information is still inexistent.

Currently, WCS is determining quantitatively its conservation status. First, we are trying to determine the current distribution and habitat available, and the abundances in sites with different features and pressures. We are working with funds of the WCS and Margot Mash Biodiversity Foundation.