Posted on October 20, 2015 17:37

We are talking about a nursery located on the Bendición premises, in the village of La Esmeralda in Puerto Carreño (Vichada). Around 40 neighbors of the Bita river participated in its construction, including children, youngsters and adults. All of this took place under the leadership of the NGO Yoluka and as one of the activities proposed under Project Wildlife (Proyecto Vida Silvestre). 

With tasks like filling bags with soil and placing the seeds in the germinator, this workshop taught participants about the utility of nurseries, their function and all activities that take place in them. All of this was aimed at motivating and encouraging the production of native plants, including of course the Moriche Palm.

During the event, participants delved into the characteristics of the Moriche Palm, from their geographical distribution and the time that they produce fruit, to what animals benefit from them and feed on it (tapirs, fish, parrots, etc.). They were also taught about the way the palm reproduces and that this is a dioecious species, that is, having both male and female individuals, (which can be differentiated by their flowers), facts that many people do not know.

The event also presented the opportunity to talk about the various services offered by the iconic palm. Additionally, the experiences mentioned in previous interviews conducted by researchers from the NGO Yoluka with inhabitants of the lower and middle basin of the Bita river on the uses of the Moriche Palm were shared. Those attending the conference had the opportunity to learn some benefits obtained by their neighbours that they did not know. Obtaining oil, beer-making and ice cream, as well as using fibers to make roofs and crafts, are examples of how the Moriche Palm can be used.

Recall that this species is important not only for their contribution to maintaining water sources, but also as emblem of the llanos (plains) landscape. Hence the importance that those who benefit from the Moriche Palm, understand that their actions have consequences on its environment.

NGO Yoluka and Project Wildlife (Proyecto Vida Silvestre) hope that the nursery project "Harmony" will become a core education for those living in the area, whose active cooperation helps in the restoration and protection of Orinoquía landscape.

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