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Cinnamon teal (Anas cyanoptera)

It is a rare species in Colombia, although in some places where it congregates is common to observe. This is a gregarious species, often seen with other species of the genus Anas. This duck feeds during the day on the water surface, mainly seeds, aquatic plants like reeds and grasses, also feeds on invertebrates such as mollusks and insects and zooplankton and sometimes reaches the bottom sediments of wetlands.

Has been reported in oxbow lake and interior wetlands, seasonal or semi permanent various sizes, in rice fields and pastures. It prefers habitats with floating and emergent vegetation, with small lakes and shallow. Reproduction probably occurs between June and July for the geographic Cauca river valley-GCRV. The nest is built near the water and appears mounds of grass, twigs and dry reeds.

WCS carried out the project "Assessment Initiative for threatened and endemic birds of the valley of the Cauca River," funded by National Geographic Society, in order to assess the status of populations of this species in many wetlands along the GCRV in the department of Valle del Cauca and check the status of their habitat, ordering information available from historical records, scans through the GCRV and secondary data collected by local organizations. There were 163 individuals of Cinnamon Teal at 12 wetlands, seven of which are new records. It was estimated a density of 10 ind./km2 and a population size of 450 individuals for remaining wetlands in the GCRV.



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