Solutions for the private sector

Design and implementation of private sector conservation projects.

WCS supports, assists and advises different public, private and academic institutions, organizations and associations, among others, to ensure compliance with a responsible conservation      management.  This includes the design and fulfillment of solutions and practices that contribute to the restoration and protection of ecosystems with ongoing development projects, as part of the compliance with environmental obligations or voluntary conservation projects.

 On the above topics, we have developed:

1.    Design of voluntary compensation projects, based on international standards (IFC-Performance Standard 6 and BBOP).

 2.    Generation of portfolios of area prioritization for the implementation of compensations for biodiversity loss.

3.    Planning of compulsory compensations focused on landscapes and species, in compliance with Colombian environmental regulations.

If you are interested in undertaking projects of this type, you can contact us through e-mails or