Models and regulations

We generate investigations, guidelines, tools and recommendations for the correct implementation of public policies and environmental obligations related with development projects. Some of our developments:

  1. Guidelines for the design of compensation for loss of biodiversity plans”. Indications of basic contents that every compensation plan should include in order to comply with its objectives.
  2. Tool for the prioritization of areas and strategies for the planning and monitoring of environmental compensations. Conceptual and methodological design”. This tool is designed for the identification of priority zones to implement and add compensations in territory.
  3. “Environmental Markets in Colombia project” This project diagnosed the application of environmental obligations in the country and offers recommendations and tools to improve their implementation. All the products of the project are available on web site
  4. “Guidelines for the development of environmental compensation plans in collective territories:  biogeographic Chocó”. These guidelines address the unique features of compensation development in collective territories, based on experiences compiled while working with black communities in the Department of Chocó.