Andinobates daleswansoni

This  amphibian only lives in the National Natural Park Selva de Florencia (eastern flank of the Central Mountain Range of Colombia, Department of Caldas) and is listed by IUCN as endangered (EN),  due to its small area of distribution of approximately 651km2.

This frog can be found wandering among the fallen leaves of the cloud forests, from 1700 to 2500 meters above sea level. As other species of the gender Andinobates, it transports its eggs on its back and places them on bromeliads, where its future offspring develop.

Currently, WCS coordinates the “Strategy for Amphibian Conservation” for the System of National Natural Parks of Colombia, (PNNC, in Spanish), project with which it works in an integrated manner on behalf of this species.

As part  part of this strategy, financed by the Zurich Zoo, WCS supports these national parks in the formulation of a monitoring program for their amphibian populations and in the training of their employees on the matter.