Protect Forest Reserve of the Upper Mocoa River Basin


The forests that give life to these settings act as strategic biological bridges that connect part of the natural richness living in the upper zones of the Colombian Massif with that belonging to the Amazonic plain.


Azonal paramos are located at the topmost of the Protective Forest Reserve of the Upper Mocoa River Basin. They are given this name as they exist at a height above sea level that does not generally characterize these ecosystems. The one shown in this photograph is above 2700 meters.

Here, avifauna is abundant and very diverse. In fact, our studies allowed us to confirm the presence of 145 bird species (118 genera - 41 families).  The number includes this golden-winged manakin. Its diet is based on small fruit and some insects.

This, without a doubt, is a typical image of the Andean forests that form the Protective Forest Reserve of the Upper Mocoa River Basin. Due to its condition and location, this place concentrates high levels of humidity that, almost permanently, replenish clouds and produce rain.


Very early, from up high, the day can be started by observing a fraction of the mountains that describe part of the Amazon Piedmont in its lower region. In this case, what we see are lands that span Putumayo as well as Caquetá.