William Cardona Duque
Natural resources management coordinator
Biologist from the Universidad del Valle, he is currently finishing an MSc in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the same institution. He has research experience in the fields of insect ecology and aquatic ecosystems. His objective is to contribute to the integrated water resources management and the management of freshwater ecosystems in the Colombian Andes.
Yefrin Daza
Alexis is a Public Accountant from the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Cali. He has experience in the accounting area and the solidarity sector. He joined the WCS Colombia team in 2015 and, in 2017, was appointed accountant, position oriented towards financial management and improvement of processes.
Zaira Ríos
Production assistant
Zaira is a television producer and photographer. She is assistant of the WCS Division of Information and Communications. She administers the social media, Web page and other virtual channels of our organization.

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