Posted on July 23, 2015 15:11

Spider monkeys and curassows brought together the people from the Magdalena Medio.

One of the main objectives associated with this activity was to establish how the community living in this region recognize these species and consider them part of their environment. 

In addition, the meeting also served as an exchange of knowledge between those who did the embroidery and the scientific team working with both species. 

The Blue-billed curassow and the Brown Spider monkey are critically endangered, especially because of human activities that have affected the ecosystems they inhabit, which has resulted in a drastic decline in their populations. It is therefore extremely important that those who live with these species understand the value of caring for them.

Thus, the embroidery became a great excuse for men, women and children, to know some of the main features of both these animals.

This activity was joined by Fundación Biodiversa Colombia, who leads the conservation actions for the Blue-billed curassow in the Magdalena Medio.

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