Posted on September 17, 2015 14:09

This was a series of visits where the exchange of knowledge and experiences by owners of different properties, led to the sharing of various experiences regarding the implementation and management of the privately owned reserves. The reason hereof is that the education and training of so-called "local actors" is critical to the success of any project. All of this took place in line with the 073 agreement from 2014 signed between WCS and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC).

One specific case to mention is the work that the organization Ecofuturo has been leading in two privately owned reserves, in the village of Cerro Azul (municipality of Bolivar). There, the owners talked about the achievements and difficulties, as well as the sustainable production systems that have been implemented.

In turn, one of the Ecofuturo leaders shared details on the success that has taken place in Cerro Azul, thanks to the involvement of landowners who have registered their land as privately owned reserves. In addition to highlighting the importance of having the support of an organization to accompany them during these processes, the leader emphasized how these reserves are both productive farms and at the same time make valuable contributions to conservation.

This tour of sharing experiences resulted in an excellent environment to motivate different landowners, and served as a basis for enriching ideas on how to manage farm estates.

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